Glebe-Annandale Craft Beer crawl 3.1km (40min walk)

Crawls are generally walkable. Kept to a maximum of 7 locations. Where the distance to the next location is greater than 15min, I’d suggest taking a roadie or uber/cab.

This is a good one to take off early from work on a Friday afternoon and hit up Glebe and Annadale just outside the CBD. Starting off at the criminally underrated Staves Brewery at the back of Broadway Shopping Centre, moving onto the hip record store/bar and then down to the pub affectionately known as ‘The Flodge’ which have a great little tap list of craft beer. From there, a stop into Wayward brewing for a tasting paddle and end it off with dinner and a few more ales at The Empire hotel.

Pub Crawl:

Staves Brewery

The Record Crate

Forest Lodge Hotel

Wayward Brewing Co

Empire Hotel

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