Tasmanian Trip 2017

My first trip to Australia’s most southern state as apart of my birthday celebration meant a chance to visit some of Hobart’s growing brewery scene. Given the trip I knew of two I had to visit and given basically a day to be driven around, quickly found a couple more to drop in on as well.

Last Rites Brewing

Arriving just as the garage door opened to the tap room and brewery, we had the place to ourselves and plenty of beer to sample on tap. I’ve been a fan of the beers I’ve had previously and knew they had just tapped a very experimental beer which I had to have a crack at also, a beer made with the soft drink Mountain Dew.

Tasting Paddle

Last Rites Brewing

Georgie Ella – Pale Ale

Pay Your Dews – Mountain Dew Beer

Count Dunkula – Black IPA

She’s No Bette Midler – Red IPA

Other Beers

Hi Viz Session Ale – Session IPA

You Can’t Handle The Trub, Devon – Belgian IPA

Dead Mans Revenge – Black IPA

The Pay Your Dews was as expected. Sweet, like the sofa but not great. The Belgian IPA and the Count Dunkula were my stand outs. The venue was cool and their dog came and hung out with us too.

Shambles Brewery

Shambles Brewing (website pic)

I’ve heard some good things about Shambles and was glad I got to check them out. A cool, trendy space and plenty of room to cater for a large after work crowd. About eight beers on tap with a mix of core range, seasonals and limited batches.

Tasting Paddle

For Rex – Golden Ale

Dance With Hops – IPA

Social Misfit – DIPA

Crimea River – Imperial Stout

I’m not a massive golden ale fan but this was pretty decent. The IPA was probably my favourite of the 4. A good balanced IPA.

T-Bone Brewery

Small little brew pub in Hobart with some big beers on offer. I started off with the Fruit Bowl IPA that was their take on a NEIPA. Fruity deliciousness without the haze. I then took a stab at a paddle with some of their big beers. The Red DIPA/IIPA was delicious, as was the imperial stout. Big boozy flavours with hints of chocolate and coffee. As an imperial should be.

T-Bone Brewery

Tasting Paddle

Fresh Hop Lager – Lager

Rye Barrelled IPA – Rye IPA

Red Doubled IPA – Red IIPA

Big Old Stout – Imperial Stout

Other Beers

Fruit Bowl IPA – IPA

Bruny Island Brewing Co

An early morning start to drive down to make the ferry to go across to Bruny Island for some sight seeing finished off with an early lunch and beers at Bruny Island Beer and Cheese co. Delicious beers and a superb cheese platter of some of their finest cheeses. May not be the healthiest lunch but it certainly was delicious. The taproom/restaurant is surrounded by gumtrees and chirping birds. It’s well worth the trip across to this small island for the scenery and Bruny Island beers

Bruny Island Beer & Cheese Co

Tasting Paddle

Oxymoron – Dark Ale

Lighthouse Ale – Red Ale

Saison D’Entrecasteaux – Saison

Farm Ale – Pale Ale

Three great beers that worked with the cheeses we had. I like the funkiness of the Saison and the light sessionability of the Red Ale but must say I rated the Dark Ale the best of the trio.

Devil’s Brewing Tasmania

A random stop along our drive in Tassie was this set up of the old railway cars. One was a second hand store. One was a lolly shop and one was a brewery! After the indulging in the lolly shop, we indulged in a few tasters at the brewery car.

Tasting Paddle

Not Another F#&%!!! Pale Ale – Pale Ale

Kiss Me Hardy – English IPA

Pilz Enigma – Pilsner

Smokey Moll – Porter

All solid beers. The Pilsner I favoured more as it was crisp and clean beer and easy to put down.

Iron House Brewery

As we drove up the North East Of Tassie along the Tasman Highway we spotted Iron House Brewery. The brewery and restaurant next door over look the ocean and is strangely next to what I think was a retirement village/resort?!?  Either way it’s a good spot to stop in for lunch on a sunny Saturday afternoon and sample a few of their ales.

Iron House Brewery

Tasting Paddle

Pale Ale



Wheat Beer

Red Ella – Red Ale

Day Tripper – Session Ale

Few hit and miss beers in this 6 shooter paddle. The Porter was the best for mind. The Red Ale was decent as well.

With each passing year there is more and more breweries opening up down in Tassie. This was just a few I stumbled upon or was keen to hit up in the few days I had down there. Since that trip in 2016, I can think of another four or five I wish I got to visit. Daresay beer tourism will take off down in Hobart and the surrounds real soon!

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