Blue Moon Belgian White Ale

Brewery: Blue Moon Brewing Co in Denver, Colorado

Style Belgian Wit

ABV 5.4%

Rate Beer:  29/100

Pour: Light golden yellow with a decent white head that fades out. 

Not as hazy as you’d expect from a Belgian witbier but heavy candied orange aromas. A smooth body with a slight creaminess and that candied orange comes through on the flavour. Blue Moon doesn’t get enough credit for what it has done for American craft beer. It brought that Belgian wit style to be more palatable for American audiences. Now, is it the best beer in the world. Hell no! But it does quench the thirst and fulfil the desire for a white ale if you ever have one. Like I did the other day, hence this review and the six pack in my fridge. 

By jase3812

I drink beer. And occasionally I'll write about it. But mostly, I drink beer.

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