Pirate Life – India Pale Lager


Pirate Life in Port Adelaide, SA





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Light golden yellow with a bubbly white head. I like India Pale Lagers. Combines two of my favourite styles. IPAs and lagers. This one has a nice crisp and clean flavour you get from a lager with the added bonus of the added sweetness of the speciality malts. The hop profile is very subtle. It seems like a ramp up of traditional, noble hops used for lagers mixed with a new world aroma hop to give that extra punch to the beer. This bad boy comes in a tall boy can and regular readers of my blog (or instagram page) will know how much I love beer in those taller cans. Frankly, if it comes in can of 440 or 500ml, its already a winner in my books and that’s before I’ve cracked it into a glass. This is a winner before and after being in my glass. And it probably won’t last long in my glass either. 

Pirate Life - India Pale Lager

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