Sierra Nevada – Dankful IPA


Sierra Nevada in Chico, California 







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A beautiful golden colour with a big, fluffy white head. Big hoppy aromas. Dank, piney, resinous flavour. Hints of bubblegum and stone fruit. Lovely bitterness with a little bit of spiciness in the backend. This reminds me why I fell in love with IPAs. This is a well crafted, balanced beer that gives you that traditional west coast resiny flavour with a light malt bill and subtle caramel sweetness. This hoppy gem might be one of my favourites from Sierra Nevada but I’m saying that knowing I have half a glass to go and the knowledge I’ll probably won’t get another one. I also know I’ve said this about a million of their beers in the past. Fantastic Haze. Barrel Aged Bigfoot. Every version of Hoptinum I’ve tried. The 30th anniversary ale. 40th anniversary ale and many many more in the past and to come. 

Sierra Nevada - Dankful IPA

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