Grassy Knoll – Idaho Sunset


Grassy Knoll in Unanderra, NSW





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Hazy, milky yellow with a white head. Another smooth, hoppy, delicious NEIPA from the guys at Grassy Knoll. Taking their Sabro Sunset and substituting Sabro for Idaho, the beer is the same but different. The Idaho hop is smoother and more tropical fruit than the pine/coconut of Sabro. The mellow hop profile makes it an easy drinker despite the 7% ABV. This is a beer to have after a long days drive in the camper an. You’ve pulled up at a camp site in the middle of nowhere. You’re taking a breather and soaking in the late afternoon sun as it sets over the horizon. Beer in hand. Getting ready to cook a feed on the campervan kitchen. Not everyday in van life is glamorous or YouTube worthy. But this beer is worthy of a reward after 9 hours of driving in the hot desert sun. 

Grassy Knoll - Idaho Sunset

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I drink beer. And occasionally I'll write about it. But mostly, I drink beer.

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