Dainton – Red Velvet

Brewery: Dainton Family Brewery in Carrum Downs, Victoria Style: Choc Cherry NEIPA ABV: 6.6% IBUs: 14 Rate Beer: no rating yet Pour: Reddish toffee colour with no head and a lot of debris in the body. Slight smell of  chocolate on the nose. Quite light to drink. An odd little beer. Cherry flavours on the aftertaste. It has all the characteristics of a porter but drinks … Continue reading Dainton – Red Velvet

Edge Brewing – Mountain DDH Hazy IPA

Brewery: Edge Brewing Project in Fitzroy, Victoria Style: Hazy IPA ABV: 6.1% Rate Beer: not listed in Rate Beer Pour:  Dirty yellow in colour with a big bubbly, white head. Quite a clean and hoppy beer made with pure water from altitude and fermented with wild honey. Then it was double dry hopped with Amarillo. It’s basically a fancy SMaSH style beer with one malt and … Continue reading Edge Brewing – Mountain DDH Hazy IPA

Holgate – Beezelbub's Jewels

Brewery: Holgate Brewhouse in Woodend, Victoria Style: Belgian Quad ABV: 12% Rate Beer: no rating yet Pour:  Copper, rustic red with a small off white head. A deliciously boozy Belgian Quad with complex flavours of dark fruits, spirits and toffee. A sweet tasting beer that warms the soul. I’ve been holding onto this since 2017 when it was first gifted to me and waited for a … Continue reading Holgate – Beezelbub's Jewels

Knee Deep Brewing – Oopsie Dhazy

Brewery: Knee Deep Brewing in Auburn, California USA Style: New England IPA ABV: 6.5% Rate Beer: 74/100 Pour: Pale whitish/yellow colour with a big white head Light, easy drinking NEIPA with strong passionfruit and guava flavours. These guys know how to make a delicious beer and this is one of them. Watching college football San Diego State beat Fresno state, this beer feels appropriate to be … Continue reading Knee Deep Brewing – Oopsie Dhazy

Cervisiam Byrggeri – Aylmer

Brewery: Cervisiam Byrggeri in Oslo, Norway Style: New England IPA ABV: 6.8% Rate Beer: 68/100 Pour:  Mandarin colour with a big creamy head on pour This had a smooth, creamy mouthfeel with strong lemon/lime flavours. More akin to a milkshake IPA than a NEIPA with the addition of lactose. Very easy to drink. Almost should be served with a straw and a piece of key lime … Continue reading Cervisiam Byrggeri – Aylmer

Last Rites Brewing Co – Don’t Make Me Run I’m Full Of Raspberries!

Brewery: Last Rites Brewing Co in Cambridge, Tasmania Style: Dark Stout ABV: 6.8% Rate Beer: not listed on Rate Beer Pour:  Pours a dark brown/black with a big off white head. Thin body on pour but a huge whiff of raspberries. Tastes of chocolate and fruits come through. Quite a soft, easy drinking stout. Perfect for a mid week tipple while watching re-runs of classic Simpson … Continue reading Last Rites Brewing Co – Don’t Make Me Run I’m Full Of Raspberries!

Amundsen – Double Apocalypse

Brewery: Amundsen in Oslo, Norway Style: DDH DIPA (double dry hopped double IPA) ABV: 8.5% Rate Beer: 95/100 Pour:  Wheat yellow in colour with a small white head. This looks and tastes like a Milkshake IPA. Fruit juice like with smooth milky creaminess. This is a beer that hides it’s ABV too well. I could easily drink three or four of these and not bat an … Continue reading Amundsen – Double Apocalypse