Coopers – Vintage Ale 2018

Brewery: Coopers Brewery in Adelaide, SA  Style: Vintage Ale/English Strong Ale  ABV: 7%  RateBeer: 77/100  Pour: Murky brown colour with a small head   Quite sharp with flavour. Very malty and peppery in finish. Would be interesting to see how this beer settles flavour wise if left cellared for a few years. I’d suspect it will be smoother and more rich. But I’m not one to let a beer sit that long … Continue reading Coopers – Vintage Ale 2018

Coopers – Pale Ale

Brewery: Coopers, Adelaide SA Style: Pale Ale ABV: 4.5% Rate Beer: 16/100 Pour: Cloudy yellow colour with good bubbly head that fades slowly. Classic beer. Good pub beer. Quite smashable and you can sit on them all day. Strong flavour due to it’s ‘Burton-on-Trent’ style of fermenting. On initial taste some citrus flavour is present but subsides as you drink. This has long been a go to beer for me. … Continue reading Coopers – Pale Ale