Amager Bryghus – Cody The Crooked Cop

Brewery: Amager Bryghus in Kastrup, Denmark Style: Old Ale ABV: 9.5% Rate Beer: 95/100 Pour: Black in colour with no head bar a thin ring around the glass.  Strong, thick, sweet old ale. Full flavoured and coating mouthfeel. The rich flavours makes me think this beer would’ve been served to Vikings back in their day at a feast filled with drunken celebration, barbecued meats and toasting … Continue reading Amager Bryghus – Cody The Crooked Cop

To Øl – Final Frontier IPA

Brewery: To Øl in Copenhagen, Denmark Style: IPA ABV:  7.1% Rate Beer: 96/100 Pour:  Pale golden yellow colour. Small head on pour that holds for a few minutes Crisp and clean West Coast IPA. Hop flavour driven and a nice break from drinking my home brewed stout today. Good beer to finish the weekend off with a Shepherd’s Pie in the oven and Strawberry cheesecake for … Continue reading To Øl – Final Frontier IPA

Amager Bryghus – Game Of Arms

Brewery: Amager Bryghus in Kastrup, Denmark Style: Imperial Porter ABV: 8.2% Rate Beer: 96/100 Pour: Black on pour with a minimal dirty white head. Big smell of chocolate in this Imperial liquorice porter from the Danish Brewery via Tampa USA. First taste matches first smell. Rich dark chocolate flavour with the tiniest hint of liquorice. Look, I know my reviews are unconventional at times but believe me when I say that this … Continue reading Amager Bryghus – Game Of Arms

Eviltwin Brewing – Christmas Eve In A New York Hotel Room

Brewery: Eviltwin Brewing, Brooklyn USA (via Denmark) Style: Imperial Stout ABV: 10% Rate Beer: 99/100 Pour: Black with a sliver of tan head A big roasty malted beer with choc vanilla tones underneath. This is a nightcap beer and I can picture sitting alone in a hotel room in Manhattan on Christmas Eve with the New York snow falling while staring out across to a white covered Central Park. It’s … Continue reading Eviltwin Brewing – Christmas Eve In A New York Hotel Room