Sierra Nevada – Hop Bullet

Brewery: Sierra Nevada in Chico, California USA Style: DIPA ABV: 8.0% IBUs: 60 Rate Beer: 93/100 Pour: Beautiful golden colour and strong biscuit nose  Sometimes you don’t have to go over the top with hops for DIPA. This just takes their Torpedo and increases the hop and grain bill to give a lighter colour and crisper drinking beer. I’m sure regular readers know my love for … Continue reading Sierra Nevada – Hop Bullet

Alesmith – Double Red India Pale Ale

Brewery: Alesmith Brewing in San Diego, California Style: Red DIPA ABV: 8.5% IBUs: 80 Rate Beer: 100/100 Pour: Rustic, Cooper red colour with a big head on pour that settles after a few minutes.  Big sweet caramel flavours as this one hits the tongue. Malt flavours drive it on the back end with a hop bitterness to give this a complex taste. Great beer for cool, … Continue reading Alesmith – Double Red India Pale Ale

Batch Brewing – Double Rainbow Trippy Hippy XXPA

Brewery: Batch Brewing Company in Marrickville NSW Style: IIPA ABV: 9.1% Rate Beer: No rating on Rate Beer Pour: Orange tinged golden yellow colour with minimal head Subtle flavour on first sip. Tastes like an XPA and hides the high ABV. Strong citrus backbone to this one. Definitely a beer for the hippies at Nimbin to drink while rolling fat blunts and getting stoned under the … Continue reading Batch Brewing – Double Rainbow Trippy Hippy XXPA

Bacchus Brewing – Bacchus n Buckets

Brewery: Bacchus Brewing in Capalaba QLD Style: DIPA ABV: 9.5% Rate Beer: no listing on Rate Beer Pour:  Deep Amber golden colour. Big head that sits for a few minutes. Sweet scent straight on pour Resin sweetness on first taste. Almost a raisin flavour in this one.  It certainly tastes like a double IPA. With Bacchus’ knack of sweet style beers this is an excellent collaboration with Bucket Boys bottleshop/microbrewery. This … Continue reading Bacchus Brewing – Bacchus n Buckets