Garage Project – Unconditional Love Mix Tape IPA

Brewery: Garage Project in Wellington, New Zealand Style: IPA ABV: 7.5% Rate Beer: 97/100 Pour: Typical lager hue, pale yellow with a small head on pour.  I fucking loved making mixtapes when I was younger. It was both a way to showcase new music to a person and also a nifty tool to win over a young girls heart by putting on songs that spoke your … Continue reading Garage Project – Unconditional Love Mix Tape IPA

Garage Project – White Trash

Brewery:  Garage Project, in Wellington, NZ Style: American Wheat Beer ABV: 4.2% Rate Beer: no rating yet on Rate Beer Pour:  Bubbly pale yellow with no real head to speak of. This obviously Garage Projects take on that mass megaswill produced beer that emanates from the US with a blue label and rhymes with ‘dud flight’. But they have managed to add their unique style to it so it’s half decent. Good … Continue reading Garage Project – White Trash

Garage Project – Hops On Pointe

Brewery: Garage Project, in Wellington NZ Style: Strong Pale Lager ABV: 6.7% Rate Beer: 83/100 Pour: Pale yellow with a foamy head that lingers for a bit This champagne Pilsner has a heavy grape aroma behind a classic Pilsner flavour. This is beer to drink when you don’t feel like you’re fancy enough for champagne at a day at the races. Reality is you would buy a bottle of champagne … Continue reading Garage Project – Hops On Pointe

Garage Project – Orange Sunshine

Brewery: Garage Project, in Wellington, NZ Style: Wheat Beer ABV: 4.6% Rate Beer: 31/100 Pour: Golden orange colour with no head on pour A smooth wheat beer with little carbonation and slight sour citrus flavours. It’s a summer beer for when sunbaking by the pool in a resort on tropical island. You feel guilty for drinking at 10am but you’re on vacation and this is like an orange juice if … Continue reading Garage Project – Orange Sunshine

Garage Project – Dirty Boots

Brewery: Garage Project from Wellington, New Zealand Style: American Pale Ale ABV: 6.8% Rate Beer: 89/100 Pour: Orange in colour. No head Strong American pale ale with a serious bitterness and hop flavour. This is like licking the floor of a dirty rock pub. It should be all kinds of wrong but it taste like dirty boots, sweat and glorious guitar driven rock n roll. Ugly yet beautiful. Continue reading Garage Project – Dirty Boots