Ahornberger Landbrauerei Strößner-Bräu – Ahornberger Landbier Wurzig

Brewery: Ahornberger Landbrauerei Strößner-Bräu in Bavaria, Germany  Style: Landbier/Keller  ABV: 4.8%  RateBeer: 24/100  Pour: Light golden colour with a thin head.   Heavy malt driven beer adhering to Reinhold Law of beer brewing in Germany. 4 ingredients. Malt. Yeast. Hops and water. Not much hop flavour but that’s the intention. Quite heavy for the 4.8%. I’m not sure what a landbier is but I’m sure you can google that shit.   Continue reading Ahornberger Landbrauerei Strößner-Bräu – Ahornberger Landbier Wurzig

Erdinger Weissbrau – Weissbier

Brewery: Erdinger Weissbrau in Bayern, Germany   Style: Weissbier/Hefeweizen   ABV: 5.3%  RateBeer: 43/100  Pour: Crystal yellow colour with a big fluffy head.   Oktoberfest is on and it would be remiss of me to not have a few German ales to celebrate. Crisp and clean wheat beer that’s perfect to have with a giant pork schnitzel and that weird boiled cabbage crap the Germans eat.   Continue reading Erdinger Weissbrau – Weissbier

Weihenstephaner collab with Sierra Nevada – Braupakt

Brewery: Weihenstephaner in Bavaria, Germany & Sierra Nevada in Chico, California USA Style: Hefe Weissbier ABV: 6% IBUs: 35 Rate Beer: 95/100 Pour: Opaque golden yellow with a big white foamy head Crisp, zesty Hefeweizen with nice wheat flavours and little bit of hop zing in the tail. Two classic breweries coming together to make a great beer in time for the Northern hemisphere summer. I … Continue reading Weihenstephaner collab with Sierra Nevada – Braupakt

Weihenstephaner – Vitus

Brewery: Weihenstephaner in Freising, Bavaria, Germany Style: Weizenbock ABV: 7.7% Rate Beer: 98/100 Pour: Dark yellow pour with a big frothy head A big strong German Wheat beer. You can taste the wheat and barley and the higher ABV. A little aftertaste of banana and some similar characteristics of a weizen style. This one is to have when you’re distracting the thoughts in your head by playing music that touches your … Continue reading Weihenstephaner – Vitus