Yeastie Boys – Rex Attitude

Brewery: Yeastie Boys in Wellington, New Zealand Style: Peat Smoked Golden Strong Ale ABV: 7% IBUs: 35 Rate Beer: 49/100 Pour:  Deep urine yellow colour with no head First smell is a smoky scent reminiscent of a barrel aged whisky. That burnt wood also comes in the flavour of the beer pushing the usual thought of golden ales right out. Allow it some time to breathe … Continue reading Yeastie Boys – Rex Attitude

Southern Bay Brewing Co – Lucifers Gold

Brewery: Southern Bay Brewing Co in Moolap, VIC Style: Strong Golden Ale ABV: 8.0% Rate Beer: No rating yet on Rate Beer Pour:  Golden colour with little head on pour Slight banana and fruit flavours and almost drinks like a Belgian Tripel. Surprising easy drinker for 8%. This is the beer you’re drinking while sitting at the crossroad waiting for the devil to show up so … Continue reading Southern Bay Brewing Co – Lucifers Gold