Mornington Peninsula Brewing – Tingleberry

Brewery: Mornington Peninsula Brewing in Mornington Victoria  Style: Gose  ABV: 4.5%  RateBeer: Not listed on Rate Beer  Pour:  Mandarin colour with a small white head  This Gose is dry hopped to allow more tart citrus flavours come through such as grapefruit and guava. Slight sour in the aftertaste and definitely leaves your mouth watering for more. Great little beer to pair with a fruit salad or pavlova on Boxing Day … Continue reading Mornington Peninsula Brewing – Tingleberry

Sierra Nevada – Otra Vez

Brewery: Sierra Nevada in Chico, California  Style: Gose with lime and agave  ABV: 4.9%  IBUs: 6  RateBeer: 57/100  Pour: Straw light yellow in colour with a thin white head  The 2018 version of Otra Vez is a vast improvement on the original version. The addition of lime and agave give this beer a lovely fruitiness and takes away any of the tart sourness, making this an easy drinking beer. Corona drinkers would actually enjoy … Continue reading Sierra Nevada – Otra Vez

Founders – Green Zebra

Brewery: Founders Brewing in Grand Rapids, Michigan Style: Watermelon and Sea Salt Gose ABV: 4.6% IBUs: 10 Rate Beer: 66/100 Pour: Golden rustic yellow in colour. Small head that doesn’t retain.  I always end up disappointed by watermelon beers. They end up tasting like fake sugar and nothing like a crisp fresh watermelon in summer. The combination with sea salt helps hide that candy at first … Continue reading Founders – Green Zebra

Nomad Brewing Co – Freshie Moka

Brewery: Nomad Brewing Co in Brookvale NSW Style: Coffee Gose ABV: 4.5% Rate Beer: 44/100 Pour: Espresso black colour with no head I was hesitant on this beer. Gose with coffee didn’t sound that appealing but on first sip it really tastes like cold brew black coffee with a slight salty Gose aftertaste. It’s surprisingly refreshing and you could puts this into a coffee cup and … Continue reading Nomad Brewing Co – Freshie Moka

Doctors Orders – Electrolyte Serum

Brewery: Doctors Orders in Sydney NSW Style: Wheat Rhubarb Gose ABV: 4% IBUs: 20 Rate Beer: No rating on Rate Beer Pour: Hazy pink tinged yellow colour with a good head that holds for a short time.    I’ve never been a huge fan of Rhubarb but subtle flavours hidden within this wheat Gose makes it quite enjoyable. Quite bready with a little saltiness this one is … Continue reading Doctors Orders – Electrolyte Serum

Anderson Valley – Blood Orange Gose

Brewery: Anderson Valley Brewing Company, from California, USA Style: Gose ABV: 4.2% Rate Beer: 86/100 Pour: Watered orange colour, no head to speak of. Interesting mix of tangy blood orange and salty Gose flavours. Quite sharp on the tongue before that saltiness follows. Not a massive Gose fan but this could turn it around. Kettle soured and brewed with sea salt and coriander with blood oranges added in … Continue reading Anderson Valley – Blood Orange Gose