Sierra Nevada – Otra Vez

Brewery: Sierra Nevada in Chico, California  Style: Gose with lime and agave  ABV: 4.9%  IBUs: 6  RateBeer: 57/100  Pour: Straw light yellow in colour with a thin white head  The 2018 version of Otra Vez is a vast improvement on the original version. The addition of lime and agave give this beer a lovely fruitiness and takes away any of the tart sourness, making this an easy drinking beer. Corona drinkers would actually enjoy … Continue reading Sierra Nevada – Otra Vez

Founders – Green Zebra

Brewery: Founders Brewing in Grand Rapids, Michigan Style: Watermelon and Sea Salt Gose ABV: 4.6% IBUs: 10 Rate Beer: 66/100 Pour: Golden rustic yellow in colour. Small head that doesn’t retain.  I always end up disappointed by watermelon beers. They end up tasting like fake sugar and nothing like a crisp fresh watermelon in summer. The combination with sea salt helps hide that candy at first … Continue reading Founders – Green Zebra

Nomad Brewing Co – Freshie Moka

Brewery: Nomad Brewing Co in Brookvale NSW Style: Coffee Gose ABV: 4.5% Rate Beer: 44/100 Pour: Espresso black colour with no head I was hesitant on this beer. Gose with coffee didn’t sound that appealing but on first sip it really tastes like cold brew black coffee with a slight salty Gose aftertaste. It’s surprisingly refreshing and you could puts this into a coffee cup and … Continue reading Nomad Brewing Co – Freshie Moka

Doctors Orders – Electrolyte Serum

Brewery: Doctors Orders in Sydney NSW Style: Wheat Rhubarb Gose ABV: 4% IBUs: 20 Rate Beer: No rating on Rate Beer Pour: Hazy pink tinged yellow colour with a good head that holds for a short time.    I’ve never been a huge fan of Rhubarb but subtle flavours hidden within this wheat Gose makes it quite enjoyable. Quite bready with a little saltiness this one is … Continue reading Doctors Orders – Electrolyte Serum

Anderson Valley – Blood Orange Gose

Brewery: Anderson Valley Brewing Company, from California, USA Style: Gose ABV: 4.2% Rate Beer: 86/100 Pour: Watered orange colour, no head to speak of. Interesting mix of tangy blood orange and salty Gose flavours. Quite sharp on the tongue before that saltiness follows. Not a massive Gose fan but this could turn it around. Kettle soured and brewed with sea salt and coriander with blood oranges added in … Continue reading Anderson Valley – Blood Orange Gose