Amundsen – Double Apocalypse

Brewery: Amundsen in Oslo, Norway Style: DDH DIPA (double dry hopped double IPA) ABV: 8.5% Rate Beer: 95/100 Pour:  Wheat yellow in colour with a small white head. This looks and tastes like a Milkshake IPA. Fruit juice like with smooth milky creaminess. This is a beer that hides it’s ABV too well. I could easily drink three or four of these and not bat an … Continue reading Amundsen – Double Apocalypse

Capital Brewing Co – Big Drop Double IPA

Brewery: Capital Brewing Co in Canberra, ACT Style: Double IPA ABV: 8.2% Rate Beer: no rating yet Pour:  Orange sherbet colour with a thin white head. Rockmelon and mandarin hits you in the face before the warming booziness follows behind with a comforting hug. Clean, surprisingly easy drinking DIPA. This screams summer nights out on my deck watching the lights of the cars cascade down over … Continue reading Capital Brewing Co – Big Drop Double IPA

The Coastal Brewing Co – Booti Kneipa

Brewery: The Coastal Brewing Co in Forster NSW Style: NEIPA ABV: 5.3% Rate Beer: Not Listed On Rate Beer Pour:  Hazy pale yellow colour with a thick white head. When you’re a little under the weather (potentially from the day before a drinking) and need to ease back in with the old “hair of the dog”, this beer is doing the trick. Tropical citrus flavours and … Continue reading The Coastal Brewing Co – Booti Kneipa