Hawkes Brewing Co – Hawkes Lager

Brewery: Hawkes Brewing Co in Coogee, NSW Style: Lager ABV: 4.5% IBUs: 18 Rate Beer: 11/100 Pour: Watercolour yellow with a small head on pour Inspired by and named after Australia’s beer skolling ex Prime Minister, Bob Hawke. Hawkey (as he is lovingly known as) is infamous to going to the cricket every year and skolling a schooner in front of a drunk, rabid crowd. He’s … Continue reading Hawkes Brewing Co – Hawkes Lager

Young Henry’s – Foo Town

Brewery: Young Henry’s in Newtown, NSW Style: Lager ABV: 5% Rate Beer: No rating yet Pour: Pale yellow colour with fluffy head on pour Brewed for when the Foo Fighters toured Australia, the national release of this crisp lager is a good smashable beer. Slight hop flavours and thin malt makes this easy drinking. Coming in a can, you can smash a six pack of these … Continue reading Young Henry’s – Foo Town