Tinnies – Pale Ale

Brewery: Brewed by Brick Lane Brewing in Dandenong, Victoria  Style: Pale Ale  ABV: 4.9%  RateBeer: No Rating Yet  Pour: Pale mandarin colour with a small white head  Strong sweet citrus flavours in this easy drinking pale ale. A little thin in body which is masked by the sweetness of citrus fruits. This is made exclusively for a chain bottle shop and will do no good in enticing big megaswill beer drinkers to … Continue reading Tinnies – Pale Ale

Capital Brewing Co – Trail Pale Ale

Brewery: Capital Brewing in Canberra ACT  Style: Pale Ale  ABV: 4.7%  IBUs:  45  RateBeer: 65/100  Pour: Golden orange hue with a thin white head  Big citrus and stone fruit flavours. Soft bitterness and clean taste. Good beer to be included in a Christmas present for a friend who is starting off on the craft beer exploration. Won’t be a log term favourite but it will be a good starter.   Continue reading Capital Brewing Co – Trail Pale Ale

Tinnies – Tropical XPA

Brewery: Brewed by Brick Lane Brewing in Dandenong, Victoria  Style: XPA  ABV: 4.2%  RateBeer: No rating yet  Pour: Golden Straw colour with a big bubbly head  Slight tropical fruit flavours, but has a thin and weak taste. Compared to Tinnies Pale Ale, this is a little disappointing and not worth the six pack price. This will sit in the fridge for a long time, to only drink when you are … Continue reading Tinnies – Tropical XPA

Balter – XPA

Brewery: Balter in Currumbin, QLD  Style: XPA  ABV: 5%  RateBeer: 83/100  Pour: Deep yellow with a thin white head  This XPA has beautiful tropical notes, a warmer and thicker body and mouthfeel and is perfect example of a good XPA. So good, it was rated Australia’s best beer in 2018 in the GABS Hottest 100 beer poll. This goes well with the one day cricket on and box of BBQ Shapes … Continue reading Balter – XPA

Deep Creek Brewing Co – Kombi

Brewery: Deep Creek Brewing in Auckland, New Zealand  Style: American Pale Ale  ABV: 4.7%  RateBeer: 59/100  Pour: Light golden colour with a big frothy head that fades out quickly  Sweet fruity flavours come through this crisp pale ale. Easy to knock back a few these. Perfect for a after a day of traveling sitting by a beach or river, as the sun set and few of these….brilliant.   Continue reading Deep Creek Brewing Co – Kombi

Hawkesbury Brewing Co

Hawkesbury Brewing – Pale Ale

Brewery: Hawkesbury Brewing in Brooklyn, NSW Style: Pale Ale ABV: 4.2% IBU: 26 RateBeer: No rating yet  Pour: Bright yellow hue with a small white head on pour I think this is more closer to a pacific ale than the one I had the other day. Very clean with subtle stone fruit in the hop profile. I only bought this one because the label had my name on it. Continue reading Hawkesbury Brewing – Pale Ale

Sauce Brewing Co – Hop Sauce

Brewery: Sauce Brewing Co in Marrickville , NSW Style: Pale Ale ABV: 4.5% Rate Beer: 52/100 Pour: Light golden orange colour with a small head on pour It’s hard to fuck up a pale ale. This is a nice balanced brew with slight hop bitterness and smooth mouthfeel. Easy drinking and perfect for knocking back while out fishing with your buddies where the only thing you catch … Continue reading Sauce Brewing Co – Hop Sauce