Pirate Life – Throwback IPA

Brewery: Pirate Life from Adelaide SA Style: Session IPA ABV: 3.5% IBUs: 35 Rate Beer: 74/100 Pour: Dark yellow with a big frothy head on pour that settles quickly Good little hop bite to this low alcohol session IPA. Full of flavour without tasting watered down. A smashable beer great for parties, BBQ, camping, watching sport, going to the beach, hiking or just doing nothing but drink beer. In fact fuck all … Continue reading Pirate Life – Throwback IPA

Pirate Life – IIPA

Brewery: Pirate Life, South Australia Style: Imperial IPA ABV: 8.8% IBUs: 120 Rate Beer: 98/100 Pour: Light orange golden colour, minimal head   There is a reason why this is so fucking good.  That opening smell of pine and the sweet citrus flavour with subtle grapefruit undertones. This is a great imperial IPA. Hoppy enough for hop heads. Sweet and smooth for all craft beer fans and could convert any … Continue reading Pirate Life – IIPA