Modus Operandi – Born To Rum

Brewery: Modus Operandi in Mona Vale, NSW Style: Porter ABV: 6.5% Rate Beer: no rating yet Pour:   Black body with a big tan head that fades with time This choc coconut rum porter from Modus is a smooth, easy drinking porter. There’s hints of roasted coconut and rum in the beginning. As it settles, slight chocolate undertones comes through. Drinking this on a cool Friday evening … Continue reading Modus Operandi – Born To Rum

4 Pines Brewing Co – Big Brekky Porter

Brewery: 4 Pines Brewing Co in Manly, NSW Style: Porter ABV: 7.0% IBUs: 32 Rate Beer: no rating yet Pour: Black colour with a white head. Starts off with a milk stout flavour with a hint of a cup of latte in the mix. As it settles, a malt, biscuity flavour comes into play. Would I drink this on a Monday morning for breakfast before work? … Continue reading 4 Pines Brewing Co – Big Brekky Porter

Samuel Smith – Taddy Porter

Brewery: Samuel Smith in North Yorkshire, UK Style: Porter ABV: 5% Rate Beer: 96/100 Pour: Nice black colour on pour with a creamy head. Not unlike a Guinness  Dry stout like mouthfeel but a hint of roasted coffee and chocolate. Being a bit lighter this is a good beer to have as the last hints of summer fade and the cool autumn breeze comes through. Meaning soon … Continue reading Samuel Smith – Taddy Porter

Kereru Brewing – For Great Justice

Brewery: Kereru Brewing in Upper Hutt, NZ Style: Wood Fired Toasted Coconut Porter ABV: 4.5% IBUs: 22 Rate Beer: 89/100 Pour: Black/brown colour with a slight off white head Quite a light, clean porter with subtle coconut flavouring. Easy drinking porter which would be idea for someone new to the dark beer game. Drinking this with Easter eggs seems to work well for me.   Continue reading Kereru Brewing – For Great Justice