The Charming Squire

The Charming Squire (James Squires bar) in Southport, Brisbane

Good meeting spot for after work beers. All the standard range on tap plus exclusive beers. On my trip I had the Capt’n Steamo, a Californian Common Ale. Decent menu of share plate, burgers, pizza, salads and cuts of beef. Little live music stage and a casual atmosphere on the shores of the Brisbane River. Worth a trip if nothing else. Website: Now Tapped: not listed … Continue reading The Charming Squire (James Squires bar) in Southport, Brisbane

Bacchus Brewing – Bacchus n Buckets

Brewery: Bacchus Brewing in Capalaba QLD Style: DIPA ABV: 9.5% Rate Beer: no listing on Rate Beer Pour:  Deep Amber golden colour. Big head that sits for a few minutes. Sweet scent straight on pour Resin sweetness on first taste. Almost a raisin flavour in this one.  It certainly tastes like a double IPA. With Bacchus’ knack of sweet style beers this is an excellent collaboration with Bucket Boys bottleshop/microbrewery. This … Continue reading Bacchus Brewing – Bacchus n Buckets

Green Beacon – Wayfarer USA

Brewery: Green Beacon, in Brisbane QLD Style: American Wheat ABV: 4.9% IBUs: 21 Rate Beer: no ratings yet on Rate Beer Pour: Cloudy yellow pour with light bubbly head that disappears quickly. American wheat beer with a slight citrus flavour. Like a cross between a white ale and a American pale ale. Refreshing flavour on the palette. This is a beer you drink while riding in a ’67 Cadillac convertible with top … Continue reading Green Beacon – Wayfarer USA

Bacchus Brewing – Red Bellied Black Imperial Red IPA

Brewery: Bacchus Brewing Company, in Capalaba QLD Style: Imperial Red IPA ABV: 10.8% Rate Beer: no rating on Rate Beer Pour: Deep dark red with thin, decent head on pour Beautiful aroma and quite sweet on first taste for a red IPA. The flavours are almost candy like with slight IPA piney tones. A beer this big in ABV should not be so easy to drink. I cracked this at 3pm … Continue reading Bacchus Brewing – Red Bellied Black Imperial Red IPA