Wayward Brewing Company – Fat Charmer

Brewery: Wayward Brewing Company in Annandale NSW Style: Double India Red Ale ABV: 8.3% IBUs: 85 Rate Beer: No rating yet Pour: Dark caramel red with a bubbly head on pour.  This is the ramped up version of the Charmer Red Ale and holds everything good about that red ale but more. More flavour. More hops. More beer. Great red IPA to have when sitting in … Continue reading Wayward Brewing Company – Fat Charmer

Alesmith – Double Red India Pale Ale

Brewery: Alesmith Brewing in San Diego, California Style: Red DIPA ABV: 8.5% IBUs: 80 Rate Beer: 100/100 Pour: Rustic, Cooper red colour with a big head on pour that settles after a few minutes.  Big sweet caramel flavours as this one hits the tongue. Malt flavours drive it on the back end with a hop bitterness to give this a complex taste. Great beer for cool, … Continue reading Alesmith – Double Red India Pale Ale

Yulli’s Brews – Slick Rick

Brewery: Yulli’s Brews in Surry Hills NSW Style: Red Ale ABV: 6.2% IBUs: 54 Rate Beer: No Rating Yet Pour:  Deep red colour with decent head on pour that lingers Silky smooth red ale. Maybe it’s because I’ve been binging The Walking Dead but the Slick Rick is reminding me of Rick Grimes and while he isn’t as sleazy as the guy on the can, he does usually end up with red … Continue reading Yulli’s Brews – Slick Rick