Alesmith – Double Red India Pale Ale

Brewery: Alesmith Brewing in San Diego, California Style: Red DIPA ABV: 8.5% IBUs: 80 Rate Beer: 100/100 Pour: Rustic, Cooper red colour with a big head on pour that settles after a few minutes.  Big sweet caramel flavours as this one hits the tongue. Malt flavours drive it on the back end with a hop bitterness to give this a complex taste. Great beer for cool, … Continue reading Alesmith – Double Red India Pale Ale

Mornington Peninsula Brewing – Mimas

Brewery: Mornington Peninsula Brewing in Mornington, Victoria Style: Red IPA ABV: 7% Rate Beer: 86/100 Pour: Red on colour with tinges of brown or orange depending on the light. Good head that thins out over time. Crisp, hoppy beer with subtle rye and caramel flavours. A delicious beer that you could easily drink repeatedly. Good beer to have with some Chinese sweet and sour. Matches well. Continue reading Mornington Peninsula Brewing – Mimas

Tumut River Brewing Company – Deliverance

Brewery: Tumut River Brewing Company in Tumut, NSW Style: Imperial Red IPA ABV: 8% IBUs: 100 Rate Beer: Not listed on Rate Beer at time of publishing Pour: Deep ruby red colour with no head on pour A theme I’m finding with their beers is a sweetness on the tongue on first sip. A smooth red IPA that doesn’t have much in the way of hoppiness or peppery tones you’d expect. … Continue reading Tumut River Brewing Company – Deliverance