Two Birds – Passion Victim

Brewery: Two Birds in Spotswood, VIC  Style: Pale Ale  ABV: 5%  IBUs: 24  RateBeer: 35/100  Pour: Light mandarin in colour with a decent head on pour that fades quickly.  As the name suggest, this has a big hit of passionfruit and higher carbonation. This can easily pass off as the Passiona (passionfruit soft drink) of beer. Passiona is what school holidays over summer was about as a kid. All day in pools or at friends’ houses … Continue reading Two Birds – Passion Victim

Two Birds – Taco

Brewery: Two Birds, in Spotswood, VIC Style: Wheat beer ABV: 5.2% Rate Beer: 49/100 Pour: Golden yellow colour with no head. Mexican flavour inspired pale wheat beer. There’s subtle hints of corn and coriander. Crisp finish and definitely a beer you could sit on in a session. This is a beer you have with a bowl of corn chips and salsa spending a lazy Saturday (or Sunday) afternoon watching back … Continue reading Two Birds – Taco