Two Birds – Passion Victim

Brewery: Two Birds in Spotswood, VIC  Style: Pale Ale  ABV: 5%  IBUs: 24  RateBeer: 35/100  Pour: Light mandarin in colour with a decent head on pour that fades quickly.  As the name suggest, this has a big hit of passionfruit and higher carbonation. This can easily pass off as the Passiona (passionfruit soft drink) of beer. Passiona is what school holidays over summer was about as a kid. All day in pools or at friends’ houses … Continue reading Two Birds – Passion Victim

Mornington Peninsula Brewing – Tingleberry

Brewery: Mornington Peninsula Brewing in Mornington Victoria  Style: Gose  ABV: 4.5%  RateBeer: Not listed on Rate Beer  Pour:  Mandarin colour with a small white head  This Gose is dry hopped to allow more tart citrus flavours come through such as grapefruit and guava. Slight sour in the aftertaste and definitely leaves your mouth watering for more. Great little beer to pair with a fruit salad or pavlova on Boxing Day … Continue reading Mornington Peninsula Brewing – Tingleberry

Tinnies – Pale Ale

Brewery: Brewed by Brick Lane Brewing in Dandenong, Victoria  Style: Pale Ale  ABV: 4.9%  RateBeer: No Rating Yet  Pour: Pale mandarin colour with a small white head  Strong sweet citrus flavours in this easy drinking pale ale. A little thin in body which is masked by the sweetness of citrus fruits. This is made exclusively for a chain bottle shop and will do no good in enticing big megaswill beer drinkers to … Continue reading Tinnies – Pale Ale

Moon Dog – Brutus Beefcake’s Tropical Vacation

Brewery: Moon Dog Brewing in Abbotsford, Victoria Style: Brut IPA  ABV: 9.5%  IBUs: 4  RateBeer: No rating yet on Rate Beer  Pour: Mango orange in colour with a good white head  Smells of freshly cut mango and has a smooth, silky mouthful filled with tropical fruits and a dry, bitter aftertaste. As a wrestling fan, I get the reference. I liked Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake as a kid. Despite how ridiculous that … Continue reading Moon Dog – Brutus Beefcake’s Tropical Vacation

Tinnies – Tropical XPA

Brewery: Brewed by Brick Lane Brewing in Dandenong, Victoria  Style: XPA  ABV: 4.2%  RateBeer: No rating yet  Pour: Golden Straw colour with a big bubbly head  Slight tropical fruit flavours, but has a thin and weak taste. Compared to Tinnies Pale Ale, this is a little disappointing and not worth the six pack price. This will sit in the fridge for a long time, to only drink when you are … Continue reading Tinnies – Tropical XPA

Colonial Brewing – I.P.A

Brewery: Colonial Brewing in Melbourne, VIC  Style: IPA  ABV: 6.5%  RateBeer:  65/100  Pour: Orange sunset in colour with a white foamy head that decreases.   This is all the things an IPA should be. Little bitter, hint of zest and pine. Easy enough to drink and lingers on the palate well after it’s travelled down the throat. Well crafted and very enjoyable. This is a beer to enjoy at a Christmas party … Continue reading Colonial Brewing – I.P.A

Mountain Goat – Rare Breed: Legend Of Goat

Brewery: Mountain Goat in Richmond, Victoria Style: Double IPA ABV: 7.6% IBUs: 63 RateBeer: No rating yet   Pour: Orange colour on pour with minimal head Smooth beer with hints of orange and pepper. Easy to drink for a DIPA. As it sits in the glass the hops shine through a bit more with this one. For a 21st birthday beer for the team at Mountain Goat, it’s a decent drop. Continue reading Mountain Goat – Rare Breed: Legend Of Goat