Karl Strauss – Tower 10

Brewery: Karl Strauss in San Diego, California  Style: IPA  ABV: 7%  RateBeer: 77/100  Pour: Pale orange colour with a thin white head.   I still remember the first time I had this beer. I went to a party of friends of my girlfriend. We had been dating a few months. We stopped to get drinks on the way and I grabbed a six pack of this think it was the Pintail … Continue reading Karl Strauss – Tower 10

Little Bang Brewing Company – Naked Objector 

Brewery: Little Bang Brewing Company in Fullarton, WA Style: West Coast IPA ABV: 6.5% IBUs: 90 Rate Beer: no rating yet Pour: Rich golden colour with slight, lasting head.  Wouldn’t say it was a typical hoppy West Coast IPA. It’s smooth and easy drinking like a pale ale but a bit more body to it. It does hit the spot after a long hot day and … Continue reading Little Bang Brewing Company – Naked Objector 

Ballast Point – Unfiltered Sculpin

Brewery: Ballast Point in San Diego, California USA Style: IPA ABV: 7.0% Rate Beer: 98/100 Pour: Golden yellow colour with minimal head Perfect example of the West Coast IPA style from one of the original innovators. Taking their Sculpin IPA and unfiltering the beer gives the flavours more depth. This beer is what reminds me of sunny San Diego. Warm sun, white beaches and happiness. Continue reading Ballast Point – Unfiltered Sculpin

To Øl – Final Frontier IPA

Brewery: To Øl in Copenhagen, Denmark Style: IPA ABV:  7.1% Rate Beer: 96/100 Pour:  Pale golden yellow colour. Small head on pour that holds for a few minutes Crisp and clean West Coast IPA. Hop flavour driven and a nice break from drinking my home brewed stout today. Good beer to finish the weekend off with a Shepherd’s Pie in the oven and Strawberry cheesecake for … Continue reading To Øl – Final Frontier IPA