Young Henry’s – Foo Town

Brewery: Young Henry’s in Newtown, NSW Style: Lager ABV: 5% Rate Beer: No rating yet Pour: Pale yellow colour with fluffy head on pour Brewed for when the Foo Fighters toured Australia, the national release of this crisp lager is a good smashable beer. Slight hop flavours and thin malt makes this easy drinking. Coming in a can, you can smash a six pack of these … Continue reading Young Henry’s – Foo Town

Alesmith – Double Red India Pale Ale

Brewery: Alesmith Brewing in San Diego, California Style: Red DIPA ABV: 8.5% IBUs: 80 Rate Beer: 100/100 Pour: Rustic, Cooper red colour with a big head on pour that settles after a few minutes.  Big sweet caramel flavours as this one hits the tongue. Malt flavours drive it on the back end with a hop bitterness to give this a complex taste. Great beer for cool, … Continue reading Alesmith – Double Red India Pale Ale

Samuel Smith – Taddy Porter

Brewery: Samuel Smith in North Yorkshire, UK Style: Porter ABV: 5% Rate Beer: 96/100 Pour: Nice black colour on pour with a creamy head. Not unlike a Guinness  Dry stout like mouthfeel but a hint of roasted coffee and chocolate. Being a bit lighter this is a good beer to have as the last hints of summer fade and the cool autumn breeze comes through. Meaning soon … Continue reading Samuel Smith – Taddy Porter

The White Cockatoo in Petersham (aka The West Village)

It’s been a few years since I’ve dropped into here and it’s changed from a old dive pub to a cool bar with open spaces and plenty of seating and gives off a cool chilled vibe. Another good spot for a Sunday sesh and a feed. 12 taps with half dedicated to local craft beers. On my visit I had Grifter’s Fresh & Clean IPL. … Continue reading The White Cockatoo in Petersham (aka The West Village)