Sea Legs – The Circus Continues 

Brewery Sea Legs Brewing in Kangaroo Point, Queensland Style NEIPA ABV & IBU 7.2% Tasting Notes Pastel, creamy pink colour with a white head. The strong aroma of strawberry dominates as this is poured. First sip is a mix of sweetness along with creamy, smooth body and hop bitterness. This reminds me of strawberry ice cream […]

XXXX – Dry 

Brewery XXXX in Castlemaine, QLD Style Dry Lager ABV & IBU 4.2% Tasting Notes Yellow in colour  and a big, white head mostly due to a uncaring pour. Sweet malt aromas and an inoffensive, somewhat bland flavour. Sometimes through work I have to try new products. This is supposedly new. It tastes just like a regular XXXX. […]

Your Mates Brewing – Larry 

Brewery Your Mates in Warana, Queensland Style Pale Ale ABV & IBU 4.5% Tasting Notes Sun kissed golden yellow with a small white head on pour. Tropical fruit aroma that’s backed up by pineapple hop flavours on first mouthful. A clean, light malt body and low carbonation makes this beer an easy smasher of a pale […]

Weihenstephan – Kristall Weissbier 

Brewery Weihenstephan in Bayern, Munich Germany  Style Weissbier ABV & IBU 5.4% & 16 Tasting Notes Pours a clear yellow/straw colour with a big white head. Sweet malty aromas backed by a crisp finish. Grainy malt flavours dominate with a subtle noble hop aroma and flavour. Quite sweet and slick mouthfeel. Banana esters present adding to […]


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