Oettinger – Pils

Brewery: Oettinger in Bavaria, Germany Style:  Pilsner  ABV:  4.7% IBUs:   32 Rate Beer:  6/100 Pour:  Straw yellow with a big white head.  Malty, bready flavour with a little bit of sweetness. Not as crisp as I’d like a Pilsner to be, but decent enough. I remember first drinking these when they were like $10 for a six pack of 500ml cans. When your […]

Mountain Goat – Hazy Pale Ale

Brewery: Mountain Goat in Richmond, Victoria Style:  Hazy Pale ABV:  4.6% Rate Beer:  No Rating Yet Pour:  opaque straw colour with a big, fast dispersing white head.  My nose is a little blocked at the moment so not really picking up much aroma. Taste wise, a bit of bitterness mixed with stone fruit flavours. A good, sipping beer to have when your […]

Liberty – Citra Double IPA

Brewery: Liberty Brewing in Helensvale, New Zealand Style:  DIPA ABV:  8% IBUs:   100 Rate Beer:  99/100 Pour:  Light golden or age colour with a good white head.  Ahhh citra, my first hop love. I was a big fan of the citrus aromas and flavours this hop would bring to IPAs. Nowadays, there’s so many great hops that Citra has taken a back seat. […]

Monteith’s Brewing Co – West Coast IPA

Brewery: Monteith’s in Greymouth, New Zealand Style:  IPA ABV:  6.5% Rate Beer:  No Rating Yet Pour:  Golden orange in colour. With a small white head. Big piney, hoppy, citrus aromas. Nicely balanced with sweeter maltier backbone with hoppy bitterness. I’m getting orange and grapefruit and little bit of pine flavour. A nod to old school West Coast IPAs and a good reminder […]


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